Hiking Elite, Outdoor Fashion & Gear.

About Us

Hiking Elite was formed by a small core group of 5 hiking friends who also like taking photos during hikes. As hiking became more popular during Covid-19, and more people started buying more things online, Hiking Elite ventured into the ecommerce business of hiking and outdoor fashion, gadgets and gears.

First and foremost, Hiking Elite is a community of hiking and outdoor enthusiasts, people who enjoy outdoor recreation. The terms outdoorsman, sportsman, woodsman, or bushman have also been used to describe someone with an affinity for the outdoors. Our tagline is “Hiking Elite . Outdoor Fashion & Gear“.

Innovating The Game

At Hiking Elite, innovation is made accessible regardless of level or disciplines. We innovate through accessibility, functionality, excellence and placing the user at the heart of the process.

Sustainable Green Future

We believe that preserving the planet and its population protects our purpose: to make hiking accessible to the many. We don’t just innovate to create the best gear for you; we innovate to pursue sustainable practices for our users, workers and environment. We pursue quality along with affordability because a long-lasting product is the first step toward sustainability.

How Do We Make Our Prices So Affordable?

At Hiking Elite, we believe in the transformative power of hiking. We know that the way to do it best is to give our customers the best products at the best prices. It’s how we offer real value every day.

We also know that buying any product means weighing its quality and price. Understanding the real value and true cost of the goods you buy is crucial to being a conscientious consumer.

Hiking Elite has led the way toward high-quality, low-cost products with a model that produces the best value-to-price ratio in the market. That means every hiker has access to the most technically sound products and gear at the best prices.